Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hybrid Car

How Hybrid Cars can help alleviate the Energy Crisis

Not enough people are yet driving Hybrid Cars to have a big impact, but perhaps that is about to change. The following review addresses how hybrid cars may affect some issues related to the energy crisis. Hybrid cars have the potential to protect us from having to use other sources of energy to keep the economy going. Increased use of Hybrid cars won't in itself cause Americans to consume increased amounts of fossil fuel. In fact, Hybrid Cars use much less gasoline-type fossil fuels than conventional cars do. In the long run, Hybrid cars cost less than the equivalent conventionally driven vehicle. The affect of a 'peak oil crisis' will be worldwide shortages of both natural gas and oil products. A growing market for Hybrid Cars would be a major weapon against this scenario coming to fruition. The 'peak oil crisis' would not only be postponed, but such a growth in hybrid car purchase could reduce the pressure for more oil exploration activity.

It is perfectly feasible that the recent introduction of the plug-in concept for hybrid cars could result in such vehicles eventually using no gasoline at all. Hybrids Cars provide a way to reduce the impact of the energy crisis, and if in the future other countries or international organizations fail to agree on acceptable solutions, the US will at least have the comfort of knowing it has done its part by furthering its investment in Hybrid Cars.

Finally then, a significant increase in the use of Hybrid cars in the United States would contribute to a noticeable reduction in its dependence on oil and therefore help alleviate the affect of the coming energy crisis. Most popular Hybrid Cars on the American market come from Japanese manufacturers.

Are Plug-in Hybrid Cars As Green As Claimed

Potential purchasers of a plug-in hybrid car
Just because hybrid cars

In reality, given today's level of hybrid technology, plug-in hybrid cars may be only marginally better at improving treatment of the environment than the corresponding serial and parallel versions of current hybrid power units.

All hybrid cars currently use electricity as final motive power to drive the vehicle. Proponents of the plug-in hybrid car claim that the combustion generator can be eliminated entirely because recharging comes directly from an electricity supply. Some still insist that plug-in hybrids beat regular hybrids no matter what. They are mainly people who believe that electric powered engines are always cleaner than fuel powered engines. When recharging your plug-in hybrid car, you can therefore choose not to use electricity from coal-fired sources. In terms of personal transport, the regular hybrid car is better than the conventional gasoline powered car when it comes to environmental pollution. In the same way, the plug-in hybrid car is at least marginally better than a regular hybrid for the same criteria.

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