Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fuel Efficient Car

Your Car and Your Fuel Consumption Over the Hill

It is important to have driving strategies when negotiating hills. Most people make the mistake of braking on the downhill and accelerating on the uphill. Accelerate downhill.
This way you will be using the momentum created while you were going downhill and saving up to 70% fuel on those uphill efforts.

Cars - Increase Fuel Efficiency by Using Appropriate Tires

By using the appropriate tires on your car you may increase the efficiency of your car and save on fuel costs.
Snow tires are geared for a different driving surface than normal tires. These tires are bulkier and have deeper treads than normal tires. Therefore they provide more grip on wet and slick roads in the winter. During the summer, the roads present a different set of conditions that do not require the big tires you needed in the winter. The treads in the summer tires are lighter too because gripping the road is not such a big problem.
If you are still using snow tires in the summer, the grip on the road and the friction will reduce your car's mileage considerably. To save fuel, and to avoid wasting the life of your special snow tires, never use them in summer.
The same argument goes for the use of summer tires in the winter. Never use summer tires in winter.
Proper care will increase the life of your tires.
The more weight your car carries, the more it is inefficient and the more you pay for fuel.

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